22 October 2013

The early Christmas gift guide...

Mulberry iPhone case, £90, Marc Jacobs Daisy (fresh), £63, Diptyque Figuier Candle, £40, KitchenAid, £429.95, Radley mug, £15, Bumble and Bumble set, £27, Charbonnel et Walker truffles, £19, Michael Kors watch, £199

Believe it or not, I've actually started Christmas early this year. Hey, I'm just telling you that being overly organised in nature is not always a bad thing. I started buying gifts for my family way back in September. I can't stand the last minute rush, and crazy people fighting in the shops, so i'd much rather find a quick and easy escape in the realms of shopping online, and anyway you'll thank me for this post because I may just have the perfect gift in this little John Lewis line up. I suggest you start buying now, you'll thank me twice for making your life more organised than Mr Claus. Go here, if you want more suggestions on gifts for the coming festive season. 

I promise not to mention it for at least another week. 

*This post is in association with John Lewis


  1. I also hate how busy the shops get and how crazy everyone gets as well - i think you have inspired me to start thinking about my christmas shopping list!

  2. Oh KitchenAid, how do I love thee? That is my ultimate present for when we finally have a kitchen to put one in! For now I make do with my mums. These are lovely ideas :) xx


  3. Lovely gift ideas! I just featured the KitchenAid and diptyque in mine too!

    xo T.


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