12 October 2013

That time we had photos taken...

A few months back myself and Jay had some lovely photos taken. My best friend is an avid photographer and she's unbelievably amazing, so she offered to do us a shoot, in return for our smiles! What a babe. We headed to the bottom of our garden where we have a tree swing, valley and a heck of a lot of fields, and she shot them right there.

You see Becky is a school teacher, but in her spare time she like to take a lot of photos. I've always been amazed at how fantastic she is behind the lens. Anyway, she's taken her hobby to a whole other level and is now photographing on the sidelines in her spare time through her little company which you can find on Facebook over here

I absolutely love these photos, they capture the both of us perfectly and having my wonderful friend take them was really, really special. 

Make sure you head on over to visit her, and if your somewhere in Yorkshire and want some photos for your family, wedding or just any occassion, give her a wave people!

For now, here's a little preview. What do you think?


  1. These are SO adorable! You both look gorgeous :)

    Lela - http://www.lelalondon.com

  2. Lovely photos! Wellies and a dress together look surprisingly fab x

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