21 October 2013

All mono...

I always love the start of a new season, Especially winter. Crisp leaves and the chance to experiment with layers and new trends, I couldn't think of anything better. I've teamed up with Avenue 32, who asked me to share my winter wishlist with you. As you can tell, I'm really loving classics and monochrome, if I had the dollar, these babes would be on my list. The perfect winter coat, oversized, but not so much so it will drown me, a leather mini, monochrome knit, satchel, perfect hat, some super studded boots and should I even say it, the perfect Christmas party dress.

Unfortunately, I will have to turn to the much loved high-street for alternatives after a huge splurge on a Mulberry bag this month, but one can dream on.

What's on your monochrome wishlist? 

*This post is in collaboration with Avenue 32

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  1. Oh those boots are cute - such a Victoriana look about them.


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