4 March 2013

Sunday get-up

Wearing: Tshirt: Jaeger, top: Topshop, jeans & necklace: Primark, jacket: All Saints, wellies: Hunter,
hat: c/o: New Look, glasses: Glasses Direct, watch: Michael Kors

I literally spent my whole life with passionate hatrid for walking. I think the daily walk to school scarred me for life, through rain or snow my mum still made me do that horrible commute. That was, until I moved to Yorkshire. Yorkshire, the land of many hills and extremely beautiful countryside, how could I not love walking out here with this on my doorstep? Every Sunday (most maybe?), when the weather is not having a hissy fit, we make an effort to get out of the house and go somewhere beautiful. This week was a two hour walk in Denholme, my thighs are burning like CRAZY. I thought I'd share my Sunday get-up, because fortunately, or unfortunately, however you may take it, fashion bloggers don't totter about in high heels and top-knots all of the time! Sunday is my lazy day, my favourite day of the week, to wear my comfiest, most non-fashion-blogger-uniform! Please tell me you have these too?


  1. Such beautiful scenery!! WOW! You look adorable as well of course :)

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Thanks for the lovely comments, I read 'em all!