22 October 2013

The early Christmas gift guide...

Mulberry iPhone case, £90, Marc Jacobs Daisy (fresh), £63, Diptyque Figuier Candle, £40, KitchenAid, £429.95, Radley mug, £15, Bumble and Bumble set, £27, Charbonnel et Walker truffles, £19, Michael Kors watch, £199

Believe it or not, I've actually started Christmas early this year. Hey, I'm just telling you that being overly organised in nature is not always a bad thing. I started buying gifts for my family way back in September. I can't stand the last minute rush, and crazy people fighting in the shops, so i'd much rather find a quick and easy escape in the realms of shopping online, and anyway you'll thank me for this post because I may just have the perfect gift in this little John Lewis line up. I suggest you start buying now, you'll thank me twice for making your life more organised than Mr Claus. Go here, if you want more suggestions on gifts for the coming festive season. 

I promise not to mention it for at least another week. 

*This post is in association with John Lewis

21 October 2013

All mono...

I always love the start of a new season, Especially winter. Crisp leaves and the chance to experiment with layers and new trends, I couldn't think of anything better. I've teamed up with Avenue 32, who asked me to share my winter wishlist with you. As you can tell, I'm really loving classics and monochrome, if I had the dollar, these babes would be on my list. The perfect winter coat, oversized, but not so much so it will drown me, a leather mini, monochrome knit, satchel, perfect hat, some super studded boots and should I even say it, the perfect Christmas party dress.

Unfortunately, I will have to turn to the much loved high-street for alternatives after a huge splurge on a Mulberry bag this month, but one can dream on.

What's on your monochrome wishlist? 

*This post is in collaboration with Avenue 32

12 October 2013

That time we had photos taken...

A few months back myself and Jay had some lovely photos taken. My best friend is an avid photographer and she's unbelievably amazing, so she offered to do us a shoot, in return for our smiles! What a babe. We headed to the bottom of our garden where we have a tree swing, valley and a heck of a lot of fields, and she shot them right there.

You see Becky is a school teacher, but in her spare time she like to take a lot of photos. I've always been amazed at how fantastic she is behind the lens. Anyway, she's taken her hobby to a whole other level and is now photographing on the sidelines in her spare time through her little company which you can find on Facebook over here

I absolutely love these photos, they capture the both of us perfectly and having my wonderful friend take them was really, really special. 

Make sure you head on over to visit her, and if your somewhere in Yorkshire and want some photos for your family, wedding or just any occassion, give her a wave people!

For now, here's a little preview. What do you think?

6 September 2013

The Living Room...

I'm a huge sucker for beautiful interiors. As you know, I love to design, decorate and renovate just about anything I can get my hands on. I've always loved interiors, it's something I'm overly passionate about and have been since I can remember. No word of a lie, as a 10 year old I would try dressing my bed to look like the display ones in department stores. I guess it becomes part of you when your Dad works in the field as a decorator.

Over the past year we've been renovating house number two. I say two, because we've already done one. I got restless. We moved. This one's definitely for good. In this house I'm wiser and much more careful about my design choices. I guess knowing we're going to stay here for a long time make me observe my decisions more. We've had chance to live here whilst doing it up, I think it makes it easier to know what's going to work. After one huge year we have a finished downstairs, of course, it's always evolving, but it feels amazing to know all of our hard work and hard earned cash has paid off. I'm going to share more detailed posts for each room, but for now I just wanted to share a few snaps of some of the favourite details in my new living room.

If you're interested in interiors, Love My Course offer a range online interior design and decoration courses as well as a host of weekend interior design and decoration courses if you fancy something a little more hands on. Head over to their site and take a look.

*This is a post in collaboration with Love My Course

12 August 2013

When dressy meets casual...

It's taken me a long time to actually come to terms with the whole casual meets dressy thing. Who'd have thought that a t-shirt and neon lace skirt would end up on my body at the same time?

Those outfits, the ones that you look back at and think 'what was I thinking?', this will no-doubt become one of those. Stashed alongside the distant memories of a  frilly floral skirt with platform Reebok trainers and the matching velvet leopard separates that once graced my wardrobe. I would just like to point out that this was a time of 90's grunge and the Spice Girls! 

Right now though, I like this outfit. I like t-shirts and back-to-front skirts (no joke), it's a comfy combination and it's on-trend. I'll just have to deal with the consequences later.